Request parameters: imgid = http: // !! 2200811456689.jpg & cat =

Parameter description: imgid: picture address (support Taobao or Tmall picture address, external address first call upload picture (upload_img) interface, return picture address) 
eg: !! 15353738-0-beehive-scenes.jpg 

name Types of Is privacy Example values description
titleStringFamily-friendly short-sleeved t-shirts, social clothing, family clothing, a family of three, mother and child, cotton summer coat, tideBaby title
list_typeStringSimilar appearance babyList type
pic_urlString//!!2628705716.jpgBaby pictures
promotion_priceString38.71Preferential price
num_iidBigint575727312808Baby ID
sample_idBigint1627115368Product Style ID
seller_nickStringExclusive taste of dzwShopkeeper nickname
post_feeString0.00Logistics costs
areaStringGuangdong DongguanStore location
detail_urlString// link